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Angie's Gardens came from the desire to see families who receive food from Jesus Food Pantry at First Free Methodist Church to have a way to grow food in their own backyard. The Angie's List Foundation made it possible to cover the material costs for our church to produce seven vertical gardens this year for various families to use. The grant we graciously received also made it possible to improve our community garden at 2028 E. 12th St.


To serve our neighbors effectively, a vertical garden seemed to have the same amount of growing space as a raised bed, but it has a smaller footprint. The ones we made are 55 gallon barrells crafted to hold dirt and plants. The vertical garden fits nicely in small yards and does not require as much dirt, water, or care as a raised bed, while still providing enough space to have around 40 plants. The middle tube also serves as a composting container. 


If you would like to learn more about how to create your own vertical garden watch these videos below.









*If you would like to buy a vertical garden and support Jesus Food Pantry, we will make you one for $150. Just email, request one, and leave your phone number. You must pick up when finished and fill it with dirt on your own.



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